Dealing with the Media

Support and Assistance

Trans Media Watch provides advice and support to trans and intersex people dealing with the media. We can assist if you work in the media, if you are thinking of contacting the media, or if you have been approached by the media. Reading these pages can help you to be better prepared in case you are approached unexpectedly.

The information on these pages is designed to help you deal with the most common situations we encounter. If you don’t find what you need, or if you need extra support, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to offer direct support. If your problem is complex and involves more than just media issues, we will advise you about the other organisations and advocates who may be able to assist you.

We don’t have any special legal powers and we can’t promise to be able to stop unwanted media coverage occurring, but we can help you to understand your options and work towards a positive outcome.

Eight Guidelines for Dealing with the Media

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Positive Media Matters

Our research tells us that most trans and intersex people want to see more positive examples of people like themselves in the media. Working successfully with the media – or making your own media – can also help the general public to understand issues that are often confusing to them. We have been pleased to see media coverage of trans and intersex issues gradually improving in recent years. This would not have been possible without some trans and intersex people bravely putting themselves in the public eye. We are ready to support others who want to do this but we recommend you read our guidelines and think carefully before you put yourself forward.

Help for Groups

TMW can provide media training to organisations that support trans and intersex people, making it easier for you to avoid bad coverage and get the good coverage you would like. We are happy to help you with individual issues as they arise – just drop us a line. We are currently developing a range of support materials for groups to use in their own media workshops. These will be available via this website as soon as the work is complete.