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  1. Martha Dunkley // March 10, 2023 at 5:44 pm // Reply

    BBC R4 Today programme 07/03/23. Blatant conflation (item starts at 1hr14m09) of indecent exposure, which is a hostile act in sexual guise (occasioned by the further conviction for this of the notorious rapist/murderer police officer Wayne Couzens), with the well-received moment of transgressive stage nudity by comedian Jordan Gray.
    The article was supposed to be about why the police did not pick up on this aberrant behaviour as a precursor to Couzens’ subsequent horrible crime, but was was subverted by Justin Webb for a transphobic insinuation that this was comparable behaviour. Abhorrent, and a disrespect to all Couzens’ victims!

  2. Was your analysis submitted to the BBC, and if so, what happened following the submission?submission

    • We did submit it, and the issues have been raised with a senior managerial team. In that meeting we presented more evidence about how and where the BBC was failing, and discussed how they could change their practices. It seemed that any actions resulting were temporary.

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