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The Office of Communications (Ofcom) is the government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries of the United Kingdom.

It sets and monitors standards for broadband, home phone and mobile services, as well as keeping an eye on TV and radio, an area where its powers are significant. As licensor for all UK commercial television and radio services, it stipulates that Broadcasters must in the end comply with the terms of their licence, or risk Ofcom revoking it.

It oversees the postal service, setting out minimum delivery and collection standards for the Royal Mail. It has a role in looking after the airwaves used by wireless devices like cordless phones, walkie talkies and even some car keys and doorbells.

With the passing of the Online Safety Bill in 2023, Ofcom also took on a responsibility for regulating online media with a view to reducing harms to vulnerable people.

In addition, it has a role in protecting people against scams and bad practices.