Welcome to Trans Media Watch. We are a charity dedicated to improving media coverage of trans and intersex issues.

Trans Media Watch helps people in the media to understand these issues and produce clear, accurate, respectful material. It also helps trans and intersex people who are interacting with the media to get results they are comfortable with.

Our vision at Trans Media Watch is a Britain in which the portrayal of trans people and their lives in the media is fair, respectful and accurate. We want to see an end to the prejudice, bigotry and hate routinely directed at trans people and we want the media to play its role – no longer fuelling these things. We are more than happy to work with any representative of any media organisation to help them do a good job

To find out what Trans Media Watch could do for you, or what you could do for us, please take a look at the other pages on this site.

Please bear with us as we update our website.