Think About Images

One of the most important things to consider when you appear in the media is how you look. This can have a bigger impact on what people think of you than the words you say. Thanks to the internet, photographs and film can stay around for a long time, so make sure you present yourself in a way you’ll be comfortable with in the future.

If you agree to appear on television or in a newspaper, you may be asked to wear a certain style of clothing. There can be sensible reasons for this – small patterns can cause interference in TV images and dark clothes may not work with a newspaper’s style. You should be wary, though, of being asked to wear clothes that look more glamorous or sexy than your usual style. Dressing up can be exciting but it can also be used to misrepresent you. Make sure you feel relaxed in whatever you choose to wear.

If a newspaper or magazine article is being written about you, you may be asked to supply photographs. It is normal for you to be paid for the use of these. Remember that, if you have transitioned, you don’t have to submit a ‘before’ picture unless you are comfortable about doing so. If you want to supply one as part of telling your story, consider using a childhood picture. This will give you a little more privacy and will help to send the message that children don’t have to grow up the way society expects.

If a picture of you is published without permission, you may be able to take action. Just because you have put a picture of yourself on Facebook does not mean other people have the right to use it. If you complain to the editor of the publication you should be offered a settlement for breach of copyright. If you feel the picture violates your privacy, you may be able to have it removed from online editions of the publication.

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