Be Clear On The Money

There can be many good reasons to get your story in the media. You may want to help other trans or intersex people. You may want to do it to boost your own confidence or to promote a creative project you’re working on. Sometimes people are happy to tell their stories for free, but it’s also possible that you may be offered a fee.

Fees for personal stories vary a lot. As a general rule, the bigger the circulation of the publication, the more you should expect. Selling your story will not make you rich but you should be properly compensated for your time and trouble. If somebody else is making a profit due to interest in your story, you deserve a share.

If you want to be paid for your story, you should discuss the money right at the start of making the deal. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to change this agreement later.

Agreeing to take money for your story does not mean you lose your basic rights. You can still set rules about what you are and are not willing to talk about. The deal may not be accepted, but you cannot be forced to continue with something that makes you uncomfortable. As with money, rules should be discussed up front.

Accepting money does not mean you lose the right to challenge inaccurate things that are said about you in an article or programme.

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