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If you feel something in the media is wrong, then don’t be embarrassed about pointing it out. That may involve making a formal complaint, but, in many cases, simple errors can be put right without going to such lengths.

Stage 1: Point out the error

Sometimes, all you need do is draw the attention of the publication to what could be an unintended error. Contact – in ascending order – the journalist who wrote the article, their newsdesk, and – if all else fails – their editor.

This won’t always have the desired effect, but it can. Also, if you then move to making a formal complaint, you are more likely to be taken seriously if you have previously contacted the publication involved.

Stage 2: Get formal

If the nice approach does not work, then you will have to make a formal complaint. This will be;

  • to IPSO
  • to Impress
  • to one of the standalone papers (Guardian/Observer, FT, Independent). Contact details can be found here.

Do not delay! Almost all impose (tight) time limitations on when a complaint can be laid. If you are outside those limits, it is unlikely they will consider a complaint.

Involve Trans Media Watch

Please, please, please… keep us in the loop.

We can help with advice on how best to phrase a complaint up front; and we are happy to publish details of the outcome when the complaint is resolved.

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