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The MRS takes complaints from businesses and individuals in respect of adverts considered to be in breach of its code of conduct. Details of its complaint process can be found on its Complaint Handling page, which also provides a link to its Complaint Form.

On the surface, ‘market research’ may sound innocuous or neutral. However, we have seen instances of activities that look suspiciously like ‘plugging’. That is, lobbying for political purposes under the guise of research.

Examples of such a practice include, in our view, surveys that ask for responders to give an opinion on surgery for children. Since this is not a thing that happens, and not advocated by any major trans organisation, our feeling is that asking such questions, and feeding the results out to the media, is at best sensationalist; at worst, a deliberate attempt to shift the Overton window.

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Please keep us in the loop. We have experience of complaining about market research, and it is good to let others know what is happening in this area. You can contact us through