Here you can find our current and past press releases. Please contact us if you need one of these releases in a different format or if you would like to be added to our press lists.

7th February 2017
Complaint to BBC regarding recent coverage (Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best and Newsnight) download(682 kB)
12th January 2017
Trans Media Watch condemns BBC misinformation about trans children download(168 kB)
28th May 2014
Trans Media Watch welcomes Law Commission Report on Hate Crime download(115 kB)
22nd August 2013
Trans Media Watch responds to Chelsea Manning coming out download(115 kB)
28th May 2013
Lucy Meadows Inquest download(105 kB)
13th January 2013
Julie Burchill article in the Observer download(96 kB)
29th November 2012
Leveson Enquiry Recommendations download(75 kB)
16th May 2012
Advertising Standards Authority Ruling on Paddy Power advert download(177 kB)
22nd March 2012
Submission to the Westminster Media Forum download(252 kB)
29th February 2012
Second Submission to the Leveson Inquiry download(277 kB)
8th February 2012
Helen Belcher's evidence on behalf of Trans Media Watch to the Leveson Inquiry watch on Leveson Inquiry website, 54 minutes or in transcript
6th December 2011
Cultural Diversity Network Awards download (64 kB)
14th April 2011
Russell Howard's Good News download(32 kB)
March 2011
Memorandum of Understanding download(153 kB)
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