Trans Media Watch is a charity that aims to improve media coverage of trans and intersex issues. It is run by volunteers and depends on ordinary trans and intersex people to be its eyes and ears. It aims to reflect the concerns of those people and of the community as a whole.

Trans Media Watch is concerned with issues affecting all people covered by the transgender umbrella, including transsexual people, non-binary people, crossdressers and other gender variant people. It also deals with issues affecting intersex people. It works with individuals themselves and with parents, carers and support organisations who may be assisting them.

Trans Media Watch works proactively with organisations across the press and broadcast sectors. It is there to challenge problem coverage but its principal aim is to prevent things from going wrong in the first place. It does this by providing helpful resources designed to be used in a variety of situations, and by delivering training. Where possible, it works with editors and commissioners to provide guidance as projects develop.

The mandate for Trans Media Watch's work comes from ongoing research and engagement with the communities whose concerns it represents. It aims to be a listening organisation and to acknowledge the diversity of opinions in some areas. Although there will always be individuals who disagree with elements of its strategy, it strives to represent the majority view within these communities without suppressing minority voices.

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